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CCCamp 2019

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To edit the wiki, sign up and then hop into irc and give hibby or tj a nudge.

You have to do this - when you sign up you're dropped into a user group with read-only rights and we would like to verify you're a real person!


We will organise the kit on

We need folding chairs


We are currently taking a list of names so we can approach CCC and ask nicely for a ticket allocation. Putting your name on the list doesn't guarantee you a space, but it does increase your chances.

Some of us would like to go. Who?

  • Hibby
  • tj
  • irl
  • anac
  • miek
  • river
  • Nicko
  • alfie (would like to go, finances notwithstanding)
  • Nordin
  • Jim
  • multiplexd
  • martin
  • Midder

Irish who hang out with Scots

  • tdr
  • Rob
  • elephant
  • jester


Travel 18→19 Aug there and 27→28 Aug back, overnight ferry from Harwich?

The Cost of the transport over comes to approx £1000 Midder, Ana and IRL are travelling over with the van, we are looking to split the over over the attendees

We are taking all the equipment so if you need something taken leave it at 57North in Aberdeen through the week before or on the morning of Saturday the 17th, if you cannot do that, we may be able to pick up as we travel, give Midder notice.

The Split is taken from ~£600 for the boat and ~£400 for fuel for the van, I have split the share over 5 people, to the more people that contribute it should be less. I have put a breakdown of the total below so if you are wanting stuff taken over or can toss us a few quid for getting the camp over it would be greatly appreciated. So if you are sharing the camp, pass us £60 or more of less depending on your situation, below can be used to estmate how much yo would like to give. I'll be going over the money at the end, and if we end up with surplus I'll try and find some nice toys to send people. - Midder

Full Midder IRL Share
Total £876.13 £223.15 £317.30 £335.68
Split (Per Person) £223.15 £158.65 £67.14
Amount paid £806.93 £606.93 £250
Outstanding Balance £69.23 -£383.78 £67.30 £335.68

Example flight costs

Aberdeen <-> Berlin TXL (KLM + Air France)

  • Outward leg Tue 20 Aug: dep Aberdeen 0915 arr Berlin TXL 1345 (3h30)
  • Return leg Mon 26 Aug: dep Berlin TXL 1750 arr Aberdeen 2115 (4h35)

Total: £167 (flights) + £44 (23kg bag) = £211 (As booked 25/05/19 by Nordin)

Mobile Backgrounds

hibby made some backgrounds here ccc2019:backgrounds

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