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Winter draws near, and it's time to start thinking ahead towards our next event, 33C3!

Running dates are 27th December to 30th December. There will be a core group in attendance from the 26th to Early January.

We try to set ourselves up as an “Assembly” and get assigned a table as a nice, central collecting area we can leave stuff and have infrastructure at.

Tickets are sold out!

event logo


Name Origin Arrival Date & Time Leaving Date & Time Accomodation
Hibby Glasgow 26/12/16 17:50 31/12/16 06:15 Air BnB
Nordin Glasgow or Aberdeen 26/12/16 2/1/17 Air BnB
tj Aberdeen 26/12/16 31/12/16 Air BnB
irl Aberdeen or London 26/12/16 2 or 3/1/17 Hotel thingy
ana ? ? ? Hotel thingy
DocOcassi +1 Aberdeen 26/12/16 2/1/17 (I think) Air BnB
ormiret Aberdeen 26/12/16 3/1/17 Hotel
htw +1 Dundee 26/12/16 20:04 30/12/16 20:36 Hotel


Are we going to try and run any events?

tj: We could try and ship a case of buckfast to Attraktor


Are we gonna try and take part in the CTF this year?


Anyone want to give a talk?



ScotCon BBS will be up, running x84.

It'll be advertised and abused.

Radio Things

Something packet radioey. Potentially more broadcasty (as much as the license allows) to allow for non-amateurs to enjoy the fun too.

If we can come up with a 70cm power amp we can do DVB.

Decoration/Stickers/Give Aways


The road sign is going. Somehow (hold luggage?).


What about Magic Whiteboard - it's light, portable and uses static to stick to a wall.


Are we gonna make up SC stickers?

Digital Printing UK

For 400 51mm round stickers it's £15.81 (+ shipping). For 500 it's £20.

For 200 76x51mm rectangle stickers it's £15 For 300 its £18.93 For 400 it's £23.53

tj: stickers and tshirts with the mental unicorn would be awesome.


Hibby: A “Welcome to Scotland” or similar zine could be good fun to print!

Give Aways

Are we gonna have anything other than stickers to give away?

Whisky for sharing? Coffee? Will we need a kettle or plastic cups or anything?

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