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CampGND Attendees

Last year there were maybe 10 of us, this year we're thinking at least 10 with a maximum of 30.

If you're coming, add yourself to the table below. If you're struggling to edit the wiki, ask on the mailing list or in irc! We need to approve your membership on the wiki before you can edit it, this might be the issue.

Confirmed Attending

Name Project Coming From Mode of Transport Space for Others?
[tj] The Network, maybe some lights The City between the mouths of the Dee and the Don [tj]'s car Maybe
Hibby Screaming into the void with all my might Aberdeen Hibby's car no, irl & ana booked
Sara Looking on concerned as Hibby screams Aberdeen Hibby's car
nicko deep frying Edinburgh car maybe
Jim Wireless telegraphic aparatus, portable library, tea Glasgowburgh Horeseless carriage Allie from Huntly station on fri, one passenger on sun
Andy flying things, Flutter, CFP submissions, painting Aberdeen car Martin, space for a couple more
the hacker formerly known as alfie enthusiasm, caffeine, hammock camping Edinburgher train on the way up, nicko on the way down
Nattie knitting and cooking and whatever Mancunium I've asked someone for a lift from Aberdeen, and they've agreed in principle Not my call to make
jules dunno lol Germany Nordin's car ask Nordin
Nordin Radio + NordinCamper Aberdeen Minivan No (full)
Martin mcHF radio, tuners, antenna analyzer Edinburgh train plus Andy's car
irl GB1GND Aberdeen Hibby's car n/a
Ana emfcamp badge, radio Aberdeen Hibby's car n/a
Michael Flying things. Throwing things. Directed Monte Carlo search of the Cards Against Humanity solution space. Aberdeen Midder's van
Midder Leaving Fri morn from Space Aberdeen Van No

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