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Kitchen Planning

Anyone got a spare propane cylinder? 6kg or more? Please contact Nick and bring it to CampGND.

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The communal kitchen provides main meals. Drinks and snacks are DIY. Hot water is provided but please BYO tea and coffee.

Friday Lunch

Supermarket sandwiches
Croissants and danishes

Friday Dinner

Irish beef stew with bread.
Vegetarian: Lentil, kale and potato stew with bread.
Dessert: Sticky toffee pudding with sauce and cream.

Saturday Breakfast

Breakfast rolls with bacon, eggs, potato scones, hash browns, mushrooms and sauces.
Vegetarian: Subtract bacon.

Saturday Lunch

Rob's pizza kitchen.

Saturday Dinner

Burger and chips.
Vegetarian: Beyond burger patties.
Dessert: French apple cake with custard.

Sunday Breakfast

Vegan pancakes with fresh fruit, butter, whipped cream and maple syrup.


All times are targets, this is not a professional operation :)
Breakfast: 09:00-10:30
Lunch: 13:00-14:30
Dinner: 19:30-21:00


Item Qty Model Owner AvailabilityNotes
Propane Cylinder 1 Calor 6KG Hibby All Weekend 11kW max output
Large Gas ring 1 Eurocamping 1115CE Hibby All Weekend 7.5kW output
Propane double adapter 1 Brass Y M/F POL Tee Connector Scotcon/57N All Weekend ebay
Griddle 1 Nisbets Buffalo CR886 Scotcon/57N All Weekend 7.5kW output, 15kg
Griddle spatula 1 D391 Vogue Solid Turner 255mm Scotcon/57N All Weekend Nisbets
Griddle scraper 1 D394 Jantex Griddle Scraper Scotcon/57N All Weekend Nisbets
Prep/serving bowls 4 Sainsburys - stainless Scotcon/57N All Weekend
Tongs 4 DF668 Nisbets Essentials Catering Tongs 240mm Scotcon/57N All Weekend Stainless
Measuring Jug 1 2L plastic Scotcon/57N All Weekend Asda
Knife set 1 Chefs knife, bread knife, 2 x paring knives Scotcon/57N All Weekend Asda
Peeler 1 grey plastic Scotcon/57N All Weekend Asda
Chopping Board 3 Plastic, real thin Scotcon/57N All Weekend Asda
Kitchen spoon 2 Nylon, black Scotcon/57N All Weekend Asda
Wooden spatula 2 Flat ended Scotcon/57N All Weekend Asda
Dishwashing tubs 2 grey plastic Scotcon/57N All Weekend Asda
1 ring camping stove 2 Scotcon/57N All Weekend
15cm frying pan 1 Scotcon/57N All Weekend
Trangia 1 or 2 25L Andy All Weekend
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