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CampGND 2023 was a nice return to Forgue after a four year gap. The weather was the best we've ever had for a CampGND, sunshine all weekend. We managed a little bit of projects and radio, and a lot bit of chilling. This was the largest CampGND yet, eighteen people, but still comfy. A big thanks to Rob's folks for hosting us again.

Things that were great

The new tent (DPRM) was a success. So much room for activities. It was pleasantly fast to assemble and dissasemble. The clear sides give it a nice open feel.

The sound system was bangin', great music all weekend.

The new kitchen setup churned out tasty meals.

Collecting some money and buying communal supplies made things more organised and comfortable.

Ideas for improvement

  • Disposable cutlery and plates for all, communal dishwashing is a ballache
  • Make the burger patties next time, Asda's are dire
Democractic Peoples' Republic of Marqueea (DPRM)
  • A new tub for feet, knuckles and other small metal parts.
  • New wrappers for the side panels. Four in one is too heavy and difficult to pack.
  • Some straps with handles to hold the poles together in bundles.
  • A bag of grip gloves for handling.
  • Some shelves would be great, to keep the floor of the DPRM free for hacking.
  • A couple more tables and benches.
  • More solar panels and batteries. We had just enough electricity this year. The generators were a pain, mostly due to the four year gap since they were last used. Not having to mess about with fuel would be great.


Put your photos here.

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