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campGND 2024

                                                        __,--'    :. \.
                                                   _,--'              \`.
                                                  /|\       `          \ `.
                            ____ _   _ ____      / | \        `:        \  `/
  ___ __ _ _ __ ___  _ __  / ___| \ | |  _ \    / '|  \        `:.       \
 / __/ _` | '_ ` _ \| '_ \| |  _|  \| | | | |  / , |   \                  \
| (_| (_| | | | | | | |_) | |_| | |\  | |_| | /    |:   \              `:. \
 \___\__,_|_| |_| |_| .__/ \____|_| \_|____/ /| '  |     \ :.           _,-'`.
                    |_|                    \' |,  / \   ` \ `:.     _,-'_|    `/
                                              '._;   \ .   \   `_,-'_,-'
                                            \'    `- .\_   |\,-'_,-'
Scotland's first Hacker camp.                            `--|_,`'

What is it?

The hackerspace goes camping.

We pick a field and get our toys out. Play by day, drink around a fire by night.

When is it?

9th - 11th of August

Where is it?

Northern Scotland. Forgue, Near Huntly.

How do I get there?

It's roughly an hour's drive inland from Aberdeen.

There is a train station 12km or so away in Huntly.

There will be some people driving who might have spare seats - this information appears on the Attendees page usually. They may be available to shuttle you to/from the train station too!

What should I bring?

Everything, and probably a kitchen sink.

We're using disposable paper plates and wooden cutlery this year. You will need a cup/mug for drinks.

We like to go somewhere with very few amenities (and poor connectivity). You should bring whatever you need to survive, a project to hack on/make/play with and some stuff to burn too.

If you need food, drink, fire or supplies, there is a supermarket ( actually 2!) nearby in Huntly.

There is a flushing toilet available but there are no shower facilities.

How much does it cost? How do I buy a ticket?

Tickets are free when you sign up! We've got limited spaces for camping - we think 25 is the max we can have at the site. We've got unlimited spaces for day attendees on Saturday, as we don't expect everyone in the world to descend upon us. We do recommend bringing a chair, though.

There is a suggested donation of £40 per person to participate in the communal kitchen. This is going to be spent roughly as follows: £5 for fuel for the van/generator/stove; £15 towards food; £20 for kitchen equipment. You can of course BYO food, in which case the suggested donation is only £5.

Participating in the communal kitchen means helping with either cooking or cleaning.

Donations will be collected by bank transfer or in cash on the first day, accounts will be kept for all spending and any leftover donations will be spent on the next CampGND.

If you want to BYO food you can opt out the kitchen when you sign up for a ticket.

If you can't afford this, get in touch with tj, hibby or nick and we'll work it out.

Attendees & Signup

I don't have any camping gear!

Don't worry - our attendees have some camping gear available for to borrow!

Check the page to see what's available, or to offer your own gear!

Camping Gear Offers


We have used petrol generators in the past. Oil and gas should stay in the past. Plus, the generators we have access to are old and handling fuel is a pain so we would like to move away from using them. Bring any solar panels or a power banks you own.


Talks will be 15 minutes on the topic of “That Project I haven't finished”. We have no provision for projection or display, so please be creative with your showing off.

Please email: talk at campgnd dot com to indicate interest!

Amateur Radio

We will have an HF Station and a special event callsign running when we're capable all weekend.

Hibby would like to build an 80m antenna, but hibby would also like to build a G3TXQ style cobweb or a hexbeam. Volunteers welcome.

During the camp, there will likely also be activity on the standard hacker UHF channel: 433.550MHz Internet availability we'll have a DMR Gateway on UHF, details TBD.

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