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From the CCC Camp 2015 Wiki:

Scottish Consulate - General Info

We're driving from the North of Scotland to come say Guten Tag!

We have Radios, Whiskey, Buckfast, Banter, Music, Whiskey, Buckfast, Banter and Banter.

Swing by for some or no particular reason at all,

There will be a kilts, and there will likely be drunkenness, noise and hangovers in'aa.


Day 1 - Stoatin' Scottish Scran

In collaboration with the Foodhackingbase We will be preparing some Stoatin' Scottish Scran for the evening of Day 1.

There will be a session on making cullen skink and stovies, the cullen skink is smoked fish soup where we will go through the full process. Stovies is a dish of pickled beetroot, Scottish oatcakes with beef, onions and tatties, followed by a meal of the same. Then there will be a whiskey tasting event with other munchables.

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