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  • Hibby
  • [tj]
  • Doc0cassi
  • Nordin
  • Cmrn


[tj], hibby and Doc0cassi drove the van from Aberdeen to Berlin.

This involved an overnight ferry from Harwich to the Hook of Holland and was a full 2 day trip.

Nordin flew as we had no space for him and/or he hates fun.


Tapemeasure Yagi

For the duration of the event, [tj] taught complete strangers to build tape measure UHF yagis and then sent them on a wild goose chase foxhunt for the beacon.

This was an excellent way of getting folks to come and say hi and got us a pile of friends too!

Stoatin' Scottish Scran

Food Hacking base were super happy to spend time with us and we enjoyed their company also.

People reacted very well to the food that was made - stovies were a great success.

There was one request for vegan stovies. Maybe in future we'll need to look at a few options!

Buckfast Evening

Hibby brought a case of buckfast. We invited people over and gave them a free bottle on the condition they drank it with us.

Carnage ensued, Hibby was kidnapped by the Swiss and ended up in Italy via Sweden, Norway and some German camp too.

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