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This is taken from the EMFCamp Wiki

Scottish Consulate


We'll be back with our trademark tent, collecting a group of socialites to chill out with us for the duration of the camp.

There will be approximately 8-10 of us in attendance, but the majority of guys are too busy for wikis!

Come join us for a most excellent adventure and party on dudes!

Scotland Facts

Apparently we are "Just Perfect"

Thanks for signing up to to Scotland Facts! You will receive fun, daily facts about SCOTLAND!

Did you know the Unicorn is the National Animal of Scotland? That explains where Scotsmen get their magic disappearing skills at the bar! <To cancel Daily Scotland Facts, add 'cancel' below>


Our homebuilt marquee is 4m x 6m and consists of a 5.6m high radio mast, tarpaulin, wooden poles and a whole lot of love. It's a great tent, has survived storms at CCC Camp and probably storage over the winter. It seats up to about 15, has music, a UPS and a party atmosphere.

We don't recommend relying on the tent for sleep though - it can be party time till the early morn in there sometimes.

The plan is to segment off a part of the campsite and declare independence from the rest of EMF. Our European brothers will be more than welcome to join us at any point, but we're going to “randomly” check those of you who carry an English sounding accent as you cross our blue-and-white border.

FCKU, the border agency, apologises for any inconvenience caused.


For all our disenfranchised friends and floating accomplices, we offer an asylum program! This is your chance to become a True Scotsman, with our exclusive, highly coveted True Scotsman, Letter of Sanction - the License to Kilt.

There are a few rules and caveats you must adhere to, including near (fucking) constant (fucking) swearing and accepting the word of Billy Connolly as the absolute truth, but you'll get the hang of it in no time.

Those carrying a license to kilt will be granted freedom of movement across our border by FCKU.

= Evening Social Events = We're expanding our “turn up and drink” attitude to incorporate some chilled out social nights, all are welcome to come play.

All nights will run from 8 till late. Schedule Likely to change as we accommodate the other important events we want to attend, including but not limited to WhiskyLeaks

Night 1 - Whisky Leaks.

At Milliways Big Dome , Starting at 8.30.

Bring Whisky, Talk about Whisky, drink Whisky.

Night 2 - Go Dutch

Our Twinned Town of Camp Holland will be the place to be.

Night 3 - Breakdown Chill

Camp's nearly over, we're all sad! Let's have a more chilled out evening - we're off to hang out with milliways and the gang to avoid taking down the Consular Offices.

If there's enough folk, Hibby will probably get drunk again and embarrass himself in a whole new way.


Our trademark BBS is back in action - telnet to get access. It will link you to our IRC and has some useful functions.

There's an Anonymous FTP server too at where you can download our Cultural Indoctrination Appropriation package!

The goal is to get it on the radio too - get excited for 1200 baud goodtimes!

The choice of BBS software for this event is x84. This looks to be suitably compatible with modern terminals, reducing compatibility errors with any sensible, post 1980s platform.

Hibby hopes to polish the turd that is FuelSim to make it a playable door game. Update: Hibby, drank too muck Buckfast to be left in charge of a petrol station.

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