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EMF Camp, the UK's, uh, makery-hackery thing, with nice coffee girls that hibby enjoyed drinking with.

Dates: Friday 31 August - Sunday 2nd September 2018

Location: Eastnor, Herefordshire, England somewhere.

Our page on the EMFCamp Wiki


Name Origin Arrival Date Leaving Date Transit Method Extension
Hibby Aberdeen 30th 3rd [tj]'s car HIBB (4422)
tj Aberdeen 30th 3rd [tj]'s car 57tj (5785)
irl Aberdeen Likely Train
ana Aberdeen Likely Train
Nordin Aberdeen 30th* 3rd* Motor car
Nicko Edinburgh 30th 3rd Car Nick + 1 (6426)
ormiret Aberdeen Car
Jim Glasgow Car
DocOcassi Aberdeen 29th 3rd Van
gorzilla Edinburgh 30th 3rd Train probably GORZ (4679)

* Nordin is leaving Aberdeen 29th, returning 5th with scenic layovers enroute if the weather works.

You can reserve a phone number for the onsite PBX network here


Regarding Vehicles on site:

@jontyw | They need to arrive on Thursday evening and leave on Monday after 1pm

@jontyw | No vehicle movements on site from Friday morning until Monday at 1pm



Are we going to take the Consular Offices / Assad's Gazebo / Saddam's Palace this year? If so, how are we transporting it?

We will be taking the Consular Offices/Assad's Gazebo/Saddam's Palace/Ali's Annex and more. The Equipment page holds the secrets.

Nordin's car roof box can take the palace if we need it. Otherwise he'll just take his own 4man tent.

The alternative is renting a pre-built marquee/tent space when we're there, but this will cost the collective some money.



We should bring back the asylum program:

For all our disenfranchised friends and floating accomplices, we offer an asylum program! This is your chance to become a True Scotsman, with our exclusive, highly coveted True Scotsman, Letter of Sanction - the License to Kilt.

There are a few rules and caveats you must adhere to, including near (fucking) constant (fucking) swearing and accepting the word of Billy Connolly as the absolute truth, but you'll get the hang of it in no time.

Those carrying a license to kilt will be granted freedom of movement across our border by FCKU.


We should run events.

Typically, Whiskyleaks and a last night chill out.


Anyone want to give a talk?


What Projects are we going to need space for?

Nordin is focusing on (space?) radio for once. Space/kit for dipoles and a mast might be nice.

Doc Will be doing a workshop building Air Quality Monitors based on the luftdaten design..

Twin Village

Do we want to pick a twin village, make them a sign and do something silly with them?

This will need more planning and cooperation than we had with the Dutch last time.

Decoration/Stickers/Give Aways


The road sign is going. Shall we make another?


The Whiteboard Worked.


Are we gonna make up different / event specific SC stickers?

see the Stickers


Hibby: A “Welcome to Scotland” or similar zine could be good fun to print!

Give Aways

Are we gonna have anything other than stickers to give away?

Whisky for sharing? Coffee? Will we need a kettle or plastic paper cups or anything?

irl: plastic cups make the environment sad.


Hibby: Fuck BBSes

irl will run an IP/AX.25 access gateway on either 2m or 70cm depending on what radio/antenna is looking good closer to the time. This will use some tunnel from to be worked out. Hopefully will also announce via an APRS terminal on 2m. If there are Scottish Telemetry Bits (STB) to add to our APRS beacons or put on an amateur webpage, then talk to irl to work out how to do that.

Our German Friends are planning on coming

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