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EMF Camp, the UK's, uh, makery-hackery thing, with nice coffee girls that hibby enjoyed drinking with.

Dates: Friday 24th → Sunday 26th July 2020

Location: Eastnor, Herefordshire, England somewhere.

Our (currently old) page on the EMFCamp Wiki


Name Origin Arrival Date Leaving Date Transit Method Extension Bringing
Allie Edinburgh ??? !!! carvan ??? the party
Nicko Edinburgh TBD TBD car TBD bacon rolls
Jim Glasgow TBD TBD airship TBD security theatre

You will be able to reserve a phone number for the onsite PBX network here


No advice yet on vehicle arrival and departure times, will update.




We should bring back the asylum program:

For all our disenfranchised friends and floating accomplices, we offer an asylum program! This is your chance to become a True Scotsman, with our exclusive, highly coveted True Scotsman, Letter of Sanction - the License to Kilt.

There are a few rules and caveats you must adhere to, including near (fucking) constant (fucking) swearing and accepting the word of Billy Connolly as the absolute truth, but you'll get the hang of it in no time.

Those carrying a license to kilt will be granted freedom of movement across our border by FCKU.


We should run events.

Typically, Whiskyleaks, Buckyleaks and perhaps a repeat of our Glaswegian Wrestling Experience.


Anyone want to give a talk?


What Projects are we going to need space for?

Twin Village

Do we want to pick a twin village, make them a sign and do something silly with them?

Decoration/Stickers/Give Aways


The road sign is going. Shall we make another?


The Whiteboard Worked.


Are we gonna make up different / event specific SC stickers?


Hibby: A “Welcome to Scotland” or similar zine could be good fun to print!

Give Aways

Are we gonna have anything other than stickers to give away?

Whisky for sharing? Coffee?


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