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EMF Camp, the UK's, uh, makery-hackery thing.

Dates: Thursday 2nd June - Sunday 5th June 2022

Location: Eastnor, Herefordshire, England somewhere.

Check out the EMFCamp wiki here


Name Origin Arrival Date Leaving Date Transit Method Extension Bringing
Nicko Edinburgh 1st 6th Car 6425 (nick) Deep Fryer
Hibby ABZ early late Car 4422 (hibb) Decks
Kenny Glasgow Thurs Sun Car Dunno yet Alex
tj ABZ early Monday drivin5785(57TJ) anxiety
Phine ABZ Friday Monday drivin5772(57PB) joy
Allie edin early late stupid hybrid suv 7465 (PINK) the party
Jim Glasgow 2nd 5th or 6th Horseless Carriage ScotCon Badges, Porridge
Euan Glasgow 2nd 5th or 6th Jim's Horseless Carriage Meow
Peter Glasgow ? ? Train Stuff
Molly Glasgow ? ? ? Stuff
Martin Glasgow 2nd 6th Train Bucky
Eth London 1nd 7nd car? car! 3655 Puns
grimmware London Thursday/Friday very early Monday broomstick vegan goat's blood
Midder Aberdeen Early Unknown Consular Van 6433 (midd) Everything (of thereabouts)

You can reserve a phone number for the onsite PBX network here.


Arriving before Thursday the 2nd will require permission from EMFCamp for insurance reasons.



Hibby has arranged 75m2 on the EMF site for ScotCon.

Are we going to take the Consular Offices / Assad's Gazebo / Saddam's Palace this year? If so, how are we transporting it?

We will be taking the Consular Offices/Assad's Gazebo/Saddam's Palace/Ali's Annex and more. The Equipment page holds the secrets.

The alternative is renting a pre-built marquee/tent space when we're there, but this will cost the collective some money.



We could continue the asylum program. Does it need a tweak for the current world?

For all our disenfranchised friends and floating accomplices, we offer an asylum program! This is your chance to become a True Scotsman, with our exclusive, highly coveted True Scotsman, Letter of Sanction - the License to Kilt.

There are a few rules and caveats you must adhere to, including near (fucking) constant (fucking) swearing and accepting the word of Billy Connolly as the absolute truth, but you'll get the hang of it in no time.

Those carrying a license to kilt will be granted freedom of movement across our border by FCKU.


Night 1 - Thursday - Chill

Recover from your 6+ hour drive down and get your tent set up.

Night 2 - Friday - Buckyleaks

Turn up to the Consulate and drink a bottle of buckfast. Don't worry, the regret takes a few hours to set in.

Night 3 - Saturday - Whiskyleaks

Hosted in conjunction with our friends at Milliways, hopefully in their massive dome. Bring along a bottle of whisky and enjoy the craic.

Night 4 - Sunday - Weegie Wrestling

Gather around the projector and the tarpaulin for a screening of Insane Championship Wrestling. Like WWE but with better plots and accents.


We are going to be hosting some workshops in a marquee.

Day Time Description Host
Saturday 2pm Tor Node Operator Meetup irl


Anyone want to give a talk?


Jim will bring porridge and a big pan to cook breakfast on the induction cooker.

Nick will fry chips, chicken and various other frozen delicacies. Chicken salt will be available as a seasoning.


If your project needs space or you just want to share it, write about it here.

Jim will bring a small art installation - 4 translucent boxes approx 60x40x40cm, containing fading/syncronised coloured LEDs. Static IPv4 addresses have been requested from the EMF NOC.

-Deep fryer - could do with about a square metre in the gazebo and some table space (Nick)

  • Planning on handing out small tubs of “Deep-Fried Buckfast with Irn Bru Sauce”
  • Slogan: “Slide the bleeding edge of Scottish culture into yer gaping maw”
  • Will also be deep frying a range of other tasty snacks

-The stuff that allie's bringing - space for a 2×1 foldy desk in some kind of small temporary house

Twin Village

Do we want to pick a twin village, make them a sign and do something silly with them?

Decoration/Stickers/Give Aways


The road sign is going. Shall we make another?


The Whiteboard worked, let's do that again.


Are we gonna make up different / event specific SC stickers?


Hibby: A “Welcome to Scotland” or similar zine could be good fun to print!

Give Aways

Are we gonna have anything other than stickers to give away?


Our Milliways friends are coming, check out theirpreparation here.

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