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DPRM Consular Office

Our main tent, the Democratic People's Republic of Marqueea Consular Office, is the heart and soul of the consulate.

It was bought in 2023 to replace the venerable FCKU Consular Office, which sadly passed away at EMFCamp 2022, and moved on to the great halls of tent valhalla (CND).

It is a Pagoda³ XG 6x6m Marquee, manufactured by Crown Canopies.

The instructions for assembling the tent are available here, additional instructions for the walls and ground bars are available here.


L x D x H: 6 x 6 x 2.4m (total height is 5.3m)
Area: 36m²


The tent is transported by van, as the longest part is 2.8m long. The total weight is about 190kg.


The tent is held down using stakes, only eight are needed in normal weather. An additional twelve, depending on comfort level, are available for tie-down during storms.

The stakes are 750mm long. A 5-6kg (12-14lb) sledgehammer is required to drive them into the ground. A stake puller is used to remove the stakes from the ground. We have a UHD 3-way stake puller, from the marquee's manufacturer.


  • The tent is ripe for a robust RGBWW lighting system.
  • Some decoration is sorely needed. Self adhesive vinyl decals are clean, removable, and won't damage the tent's material.
  • A few things we could do to make it easier to move:
    • Something(s) to contain small components
    • Something to contain stakes
    • A way to bundle poles (legs, eaves and ground bars). They're not all that heavy so can easily carry weight of a few of them at a time but need something to keep them together as one bundle. Handles and/or shoulder straps would be nice too.
    • Another bag for walls. Came with bag for all 4 walls together; that is heavy enough to be a pain to carry very far. Splitting them over 2 bags would be better.
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