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NorthernRST Conference and Weekend Hackathon

NorthernRST community technology conference at Aberdeen Science Centre on 6th December 2019

Hackathon at 57North Hacklab on 7-8th December 2019

Hackathon Ideas Scratch Pad

  • Discussion on privacy - how we feel about the issue, and how we work to achieve it
  • Show 'n' tell - bring interesting things to show others - WiFi pineapple, Queercon badges etc.
  • Scottish Consulate and ID Card badge interface hacking
  • Mulled Buckfast

Consular Wireless Telegraphic Station

A Consular Wireless Telegraphic Station with callsign GB1RST will be established at the hackathon. Telegraphic equipment to be utilised will be as follows:

Person Item
Jim 20m dipole + 10m coax
Jim 7m coax + adapter kit
Jim Sotabeams pole
Jim 2m/70cm rig + magmount antenna
Jim 100W HF + PSU + data/CAT cables
Jim QMAC 20W portable HF
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