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campGND Attendees

As of 24/5 we're approaching comfortable capacity at CampGND. If you'd like to attend please contact Hibby or tj directly. If you add yourself to the wiki now without contacting us we will unfortunately not be able to accomodate you.

Kitchen menu and planning

Confirmed Attending

Name Project Coming From Mode of Transport Space for Others? Dietary Requirements?
Nicko Attempting to run some semblance of a communal kitchen Edinburgh car maybe humanitarian
Hibby Little bit of radio, lot bit of chillout ABZ car/bike unlikely delicious food (no peanuts)
Kenny Adding spices to nick's food, fursuit shenanigans ABZ car/bike unlikely yes
Andy sketching & painting ABZ car, with H&K No vegetarian
Mike Maybe radio, maybe code, maybe staring into space Glasgow Car Maybe No seafood or nuts
irl Radio stuff probably Aberdeen Car Maybe
ana Aberdeen
Midder Aberdeen Van No vegetarian
vishnee angry tech-feminist rants, funding computer church Aberdeen Van See @Midder vegetarian
Kenny D Glasgow Car vegan
Martin Glasgow Car Maybe
tj Sitting very still Aberdeen Car Nein Danke
Phine trying really hard to not hug the piglets Aberdeen Car Nein Danke vegetarian (fish is good, yum fish (not all phish))
allie a series of repetitive beats Glasgow alliecar maybe food
eth yes Glasgow alliecar see allie food
russ London van perhaps?
ormiret LEDs + pizza Aberdeen ??
Owen Aberdeen ??
Kai Aberdeen Van with M&V bit lactose intolerant

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